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Farm Girl

Howdy! I am the "farm girl" at Sullivan Farms. On the farm, we have pigs, goats, and a gigantic garden. I love living on a farm! We milk the goats almost every day in the summer. We have around 18 goats, but we only milk three nanny goats. The nanny goats' names are, Iris, Coconut, and India. Some of my favorite baby goats are, Bambino, Bears, and Kamryn. They are my favorites, because they like to play and get hugs. Also, everyday, we feed and water our pigs. We have around 100 pigs. Our sows and boar's names are, Gracie, Sweetie, Bullet, Double Butt, and Roots. Some of my favorite pigs, besides the sows and boar, are Baby and Spotty. Baby has jet black hair and is around 80-100 lbs. She is friendly and can do tricks, such as sit and jump up. She is really sweet! Spotty is red and has black spots. Spotty is friendly and likes to follow you around while you are in her pen. She is around 125 lbs. In the summer, I help out in the garden. We grow lots of vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, and more! I love to pick tomatoes and peppers! This year, we have peaches! I love eating farm fresh peaches! Living on a farm is very fun!

See you in the pig pen!

-Farm girl

Going to pasture!

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