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Hey y'all!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Brittany Sullivan. I was born and raised just outside of Chicago, IL, with no farms in sight. The number one question I get from folks is, "where you raised on a farm?" The answer is, NO, I was raised in the burbs. My mom, had a small garden from time to time, while I was young but it wasn't anything close to a farm. However, I was taught from a young age, the wonders of the great outdoors. My family spent lots of time: camping, swimming and hiking. I ventured away from Chicago to Florida, attended college, and married my husband, Bill in 2005. When, I was pregnant with our daughter, I started to care about what I was eating, who I was supporting and where my food was coming from.

Bill and I joined a small farmers/backyard gardeners group and fell in love with the lifestyle. Yes, farming isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle. We started a garden, and looked forward to every gathering. Our Saturday mornings started with shopping trips to local farmers market, where we got to know the farmers that were feeding us. Farming became our DREAM. In 2010, after lots of thought, we decided to purchase a farm in Fayette, MO, and the rest is pretty much history.

Today, Bill and I own/operate Sullivan Farms, for the past 9 years I have shared stories with family, dear friends, customers, and pretty much anyone, who would listen to me, what life on the farm is really about! I'm talking about the good, the bad, and even the ugly. Every week, my aunt would tell me, "Brit, you gotta write a book, these stories are great!" Well, it's taken me awhile, but my goal for the new year was to start a blog and share some of these crazy stories with you. So, here it goes... I hope you will join me in this journey, I promise you~ you'll be entertained !



Every girl needs a pig!

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