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Yay! The piglets are here! We have around 20-25 piglets so far. They are all so cute and snuggly! Some of them are red, white, or spotted. They enjoy running around and playing with their family.

One of the sows had 15 piglets! We had to move 5 to an older sow, so the piglets could all eat. Mainly, the sows have 8-12 piglets.

Sometimes piglets get stepped on or hurt in their houses. They can be rambunctious and accidentally hurt themselves. When that happens, we take them inside until they feel better.

Here are the piglets all snuggling together!

So far, one piglet has come inside. His leg got cut when the sow accidentally stepped on him! He was cold, hungry, and hurt when we found him all alone in his pen. We brought him inside and he was shivering uncontrollably! We didn't think he was going to make it through the night, but the next morning, I woke up to him making a racket downstairs. The next day, he learned a new trick, how to jump out of his kennel! He would run around causing mischief, like pushing over his bottle and running around the house! We had to put a box over his kennel, so he couldn't escape! After that, he was feeling good enough to go back to his family. I think he is excited to be able to run around without getting in trouble!

Here is the little pig snuggled up with his blankie!

See you next week!

Farm girl

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