• Brittany Sullivan

Pigs LOVE to have fun-- Farm Girl

Howdy again, reader! It has been hot down on the farm! When it gets hot, pigs like to make wallows in the mud. They love to splash and lay down in the wallows. Some pigs just run right into the wallows, while other pigs like to dig the wallows deeper. Some pigs like to splash all over until they find the right spot to lay in. Some pigs like to get wet and muddy, then they shake the mud off. Other pigs will lay in the mud until they get hungry or thirsty. Sometimes, pigs find sticks in the mud and, like dogs, carry them around!! The other pigs love to try to steal the stick too. Pigs enjoy living a free lifestyle and love running around outside. Pigs are fun- loving creatures and enjoy playing with people and other pigs. See you in the pig pen!

Pigs love to play with sticks!

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