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Sullivan farms is a family owned and operated farm in Fayette, Missouri. Bill and Brittany Sullivan, along with their daughter, value fresh local grown meat and produce and provide their surrounding communities with just that.


The Sullivan's raise a variety of produce ranging from delicious strawberries to garlic. They strive not only  to raise healthy hogs and goats but also happy ones.

"A higher quality of life for our animals means a higher
quality meat at your dinner table."
- Brittany Sullivan


This commitment to quality can be seen across their farming operations and in the praises of their customers.

"One of the reasons I like you all and your bacon is the quality
of your pigs and because you are a small, local operation.
However, whenever I travel, I really wish your bacon
could take over the world on a large scale..." 
- Lara

Sullivan Farm's pigs are raised on fresh pasture their entire lives.
Living out on pasture means that they’re out doing what comes naturally to them: wallowing in the mud, playing in the rain, and rooting around for a snack.
All our hogs are fed NON-GMO feed, and whey. Whey is a byproduct of cheese, which is an excellent protein for our hogs, it helps marbleize the fat, giving the pork a delicious flavor.

**No antibiotics or hormones are used in the care of our hogs.**




637 County Road 102
Fayette, MO 65248

Tel: 660-248-3298

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